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Hey all. Just a quick update to let people know that the NGC Forums have changed servers. You can now find the site here.

For those who don't know, NGC was founded by NG members, for NG members. It's a friendlier place to make collabs.

Reasons to Check NGC Out
1)You'll keep the NGBBS clean.

2)NGCollabs is a much friendlier environment for people of all skill levels.

3)You can start a collab even if you don't have an award or a 3.00+ batting average in NewGrounds.

NGC back online

2009-10-07 06:46:00 by clockwork-kubrick

NGC forums took a spill recently, but they're back now.


The first episode of a new review show is online!

Check it out!

The Crate Has Opened!

2009-08-27 15:42:34 by clockwork-kubrick

My God, that took MUCH longer than I thought it would. It's done, though.

The Dolores Crate Collab is up!

Now the job of contacting everyone who had a role in this...


After too long to mention, it's finally done. Dolores Crate is finished.

I just can't upload it now because my file limit is too small (10.4MB is all I need). Just waiting for approval by the staff.

I don't think anyone reads this...

Been a long time in the making, but the Dolores Crate Collab is nearing completion! Updates soon!

For those who don't know what that is, head on down to the NGC forums and check it out.

Dolores Crate Collab nears completion!

NGC Domain Name

2008-02-22 22:23:23 by clockwork-kubrick

Newgrounds Collabs now has an official, easy to remember, domain name again.